Schemes and strategies at the Vulkan casino - true or false?

Once again, I am convinced that the audience of online casinos is still not educated, I mean, people don’t understand at all how to distinguish licensed software from a fake, how to check a casino license, what you can trust and what you can’t, where is a scam and where not . And everyone just rushes in crowds into these Volcanoes, Azino, etc. (by the way, they are all on our blacklist)

Regular subscribers already know that I recently started my telegram channel and those who really want to start understanding “the topic” most likely signed up. So I started to monitor what telegram channels about casinos exist in general - to find competitors, so to speak. To my surprise, I did not find any interesting affiliate channels with articles and at least some interesting content (maybe I was looking badly). I found several official online casino channels, namely TTRcasino (the most popular channel, about 8000 subscribers), ArgoCasino and Zigzag777 casino have channels.

So, to the point, I just went crazy, from what casino channels are now “in trend”, I think by their names you will already understand what it is about: “Casino bugs”, “Casino earnings”, “Schemes, hacks at Vulcan Casino”, “Secret Casino Schemes”, “Easy Money on Schemes”, “Casino Hacking”, etc. - whoever doesn’t understand, these are all complete scams in which they are trying to convince players to play exactly as they are told and exactly where they are told, voluntarily. Voluntarily! Well, of course, everything is through referral links.

And yes, it is clear that on many of these channels there is a cheat of subscribers, this is understandable. But no one would do it if it didn't bring money. No one will work at a loss, the more affiliates. They even have their own chat rooms, where people write that someone succeeded, someone did not. To which the admin replies: “The guys have revealed this strategy (scheme), apparently there are too many of you)). I’m already testing a new one, tomorrow I’ll post it on the channel, ”and everything is in a circle, just PPC.

And now a few examples. I'll write again that this is all a scam, just in case.

Easy money schemes

How game #1 is rubbed:

Many are fucked by the volcano and its scammers who deceive the common people by stealing money from them. Therefore, I decided to hack the algorithms so that any of you could beat them. Any of you can start, because deposits start from 50r to 80r. You yourself can make sure that the circuits work and check my circuits for performance. Only here you will see how your 50r turn into 15000r in a couple of minutes, and then you can bet more amounts without risking yourself. I want to show that everyone can earn with minimal investment and without risks. All schemes have already been personally tested by me and work 100%! P.s. If you have any questions, then write to the PM ...

Secret schemes

How to rub game #2:

Who's new! We play only here (link)!!! The schemes that I post work only on this site, I give my 100% guarantee for this, there are other algorithms on other sites of the volcano, so I do not advise using my schemes there